3 Ukrainian Traditions to Remember When Dating a Woman from Kiev

The whole search for true love is quite an exciting journey to take. With the millions of people out there, you can just never be too sure of who you’re going to end up with and where they might be. Alas! You’ve found a girl who has captivated your heart. The only problem is that she lives in the heart of Ukraine and you have no idea about her culture.

Getting to know the traditions of her country will help you understand her better as well as her actions and responses. It can be difficult to maintain a relationship with someone away from you especially with little to no understanding of her background.

Check out the following traditions to remember when dating a Kiev woman.

Men Take the Lead

It is the nature of Ukrainian women to follow the decisions made by their men as they have the alpha masculine personality. When you meet someone from Kiev, you would want to make most of the decisions as to what to eat and where to go. You initiate any interaction between you two and set any personal rules that you want to impose. As the man in the relationship, you would also want to cover all the expenses during your date.

Intellectual Conversations over Emotions

Women from Kiev take pride in their intelligence. They are less into feelings and emotions but are more into intellectual talks. A date is a good opportunity for you to learn more your girl’s values and beliefs. Start off with basic topics like her interest in books and movies or her favorite music artist. Try to keep your topics casual and light. However, you must remember to respect her opinion even if it doesn’t coincide with yours. Answer her questions truthfully and don’t be afraid to share your personal stories.

No One Night Stand

The western culture is open to a little frolicking fun after meeting for the first time. But, this is not a common practice in Kiev. While there are some who are into this practice, most of the women in the city are not into a one-night stand. Get to know your date better as you continue sharing information. Never promise her anything just to get her to bed. Appearing too aggressive will only drive them away from you.

Above all, you must always respect the girl that you are dating. Regardless of where she’s from and what traditions she follows, respect will always be a key to a working relationship. Chase love in the streets of Kiev with the thoughts above in mind

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