Things to Know About The Ukrainian Way of Love and Dating

Perhaps, some of the most attractive women in Europe are found in Ukraine. Ukrainian women literally look like walking barbie dolls.Their pretty faces, perfect height, and voluptuous bodies naturally attract men all over the world. Unfortunately, foreigners might just need to step up their games when trying to date these women since they might just look for certain gestures before letting a man fully take over their hearts.

Based on culture, Ukraine has its own set of traditional dating etiquette. However, these old cultural ways of love have also evolved in order to keep up with the times. Still, most of the old dating etiquette still hold true for most Ukrainian girls and boys when it comes to dating.

And so, if you are planning to court or date Kiev women or women from other parts of Ukraine, you might want to look into the following dating tips.

Dating in Ukraine

Give some flowers to your woman.
Giving out flowers for your loved one or someone you are trying to woo is part of Ukraine’s culture. This even goes to the extent of watching out the number of flowers you’re giving out to your girl. Not only should you give flowers for the woman you are pursuing, you should also go the extra mile of giving some flowers to her mother as well.

Show her that you’re family-oriented.
Ukrainians value family orientation. Because of their Slavic culture, Ukrainian girls are brought up to experience fulfillment as a mother and a life partner. Many of them prefer to stay at home and be hands on with the house and the children. Hence, it is only natural for these women to look for men of the same family-oriented nature.

Practice on becoming a toastmaster.
Ukrainians are known to drink a lot as part of their culture on socializing. If you’ll see your Ukrainian friends or partner becoming a toastmaster, it’s not to get themselves drunk per se; rather, it is to welcome and celebrate friendship and other social relationships. And so, you’ll have to keep up with this aspect.

Take her out to eat.
Most Ukrainian families stay at home and prepare their meals. Eating outside is usually reserved for special occasions. If you want to make your Ukrainian girlfriend feel special, therefore, you may want to plan romantic lunch and dinner dates.

Practice proper table manners. 
Ukrainians are keen when it comes to observing proper table manners. For instance, men will always have to do the pouring of the wine or drink; otherwise, they might deemed disrespectful. When food is offered, you must try your best not to decline it and to try it out regardless of how it looks or taste just so you would be deemed respectful.

Ask her parents for her hand in marriage. 
When wedding plans come into the picture, make sure you will first talk to the parents of your future Ukrainian bride to ask them for her hand in marriage. This is a tradition that must not be overlooked because it is a matter of giving respect where it is due.