Highlight Aspects of Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine located in Eastern Europe. The country is known to be one of the cheapest tourist destination in Europe thus making Kiev one of the most budget-friendly nation capital to visit in the region. It is popularly known to be the “greenest city” in the country with a blend of both natural and industrial zones. From the city’s history to its development, Kiev has more to offer than meets the eye. Here are some of the highlights that make this capital city worth a place on your bucket list.

1.    Safe City
The crime rate in Ukraine is generally low and is as safe as most western European countries despite its war-stricken past. The country has a long history with Russia but Kiev is long far from any kind of danger. The locals are also very friendly and are willing to help anyone that seeks help. Moving around the city is literally like “a walk in the park” considering that most parts of the city are lush with natural green zones.

2.    Budget-friendly
Most tourists would be shocked at the prices offered by the city. Unlike most western European countries, transportation and accommodations are way less expensive. Another great bonus to compare other countries is the fact that Ukraine doesn’t require a visa. That’s right, you don’t need a visa to visit Kiev, Ukraine. This saves you the hassle and effort in visiting this beautiful country.

3.    Women
Ukraine holds some of the most beautiful women around the world. The Kiev women may shock tourists who are used to western standards in terms of beauty. It’ll certainly be hard not to be stunned by the physical qualities of Ukrainian women no matter the gender.

4.    Magnificent Architecture

Kiev holds a lot of historical buildings. The city has a mixture of both “old and new” buildings which can leave a sort of artistic impression to any tourist. You can also take notice of the many modern art objects and murals within the city.
5.    Delicious Cuisine

Even if Ukrainian food doesn’t quite have a spice palette compared to its neighboring countries, tourists would surely be surprised by how natural the food is. The cuisine of Ukraine is mostly very fresh and healthy compared to most within the continent and that’s what makes the cuisine so delicious. You can see meat being grilled by the streets or diners eating mouth-watering dishes as you pass by restaurants.

One popular dish you may recognize is called Chicken Kiev. From the name itself, its a dish of chicken fillet pounded and rolled around in cold butter. It is then coated with eggs and bread crumbs which is finally either fried or baked. Not only is this a savory recipe for all you chicken lovers, but it is quite awesome to dine into this while in the city of Kiev itself.

If we left out any other important highlight on Kiev, don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below. Also, let us know your thoughts and insights on this beautiful city. Share your experiences and stories with us if you have had the pleasure of visiting Kiev!