Kiev 101: Travel Guide to The Mother of Rus’ Cities

Planning a trip to Kiev soon? You sure are up for loads of fun with the attractions and surprises that awaits your adventurous spirit. Tourist spots, traditional dishes, and Kiev women are just some of the reasons why many tourist flock this amazing destination.Kiev is the capital and largest city of Ukraine. It’s a place where businesses thrive and tourism continues to develop. It’s a home to many local residents as well as tourists who have found themselves in love with the place. Without further ado, here are the juicy details about Kiev that you ought to know.

How to Get to Kiev

From the JFK International Airport, there are about six direct flights going to the Boryspil International Airport. However, only Ukraine International Airlines fly directly. The rest of the airlines have one to two stopovers either in Warsaw, Istanbul, Doha, London, or other countries.

Kiev Transportation: What are Your Options?

There are multiple modes of transportation in Kiev but the most convenient way to get around is by the subway. It’s first trip starts as early as 06:00 A.M. and the last trip leaves at 12:00 midnight. If travelling via subway is not your cup of tea, there are cabs and buses that you can opt for as well.
For shorter travels, there are trams and trolleys that you can take too. Taking these public transportations are great if you’re going there on a budget. Take a Kiev Women out on a date during your trip with one of these options.

Where to Stay: Kiev Accommodations

Similar to their transportation options, Kiev also has quite a number of accommodations for tourists. If on a budget, there are affordable hostels you can book. But, there are selections of hotels and resorts too if you want something more luxurious for your trip. Ideally, bookings for accommodations are made ahead of time so you can get some amazing deals at a low price. Additionally, five-star hotels are there for those who want to go all out. Bask in luxury while enjoying the view of Kiev, meeting Kiev women, and living the fun life the city has to offer.

Internet in Kiev

The best part about going here is that you don’t have to leave your online presence back in your home country. Connect to the internet whenever and wherever you are in Kiev. You can use the WiFi connection of the place you are staying at or you can get yourself a rental carry on WiFi. On top of that, you can get temporary sim cards to use for data connection should you want to use mobile internet instead. You can use these cards to text or call any Kiev women or men that you’ve made friends with for a night out.

Other Information

Aside from the information above, you also must know that the main voltage in Kiev is 220v. Given that most device from America is at 110v, a voltage converter will surely be handy. Furthermore, most restaurants add the service charge to your bill. You don’t have to leave any tip in any case. Otherwise, you can add about 5-10% of the amount as your tip. Likewise, guides and cabs would expect you give tips too.

Kiev has so much attraction to offer to the wandering tourists who visit the city. If you find yourself in the shoes of these wanderers, you can check back on this guide to know your way around. Meet Kiev Women, experience their culture, and enjoy the feeling of home in The Mother of Rus’ Cities.